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New Competition: PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kirsty Dudley   

To enter please email us with the hint you believe that every other horse owner / lover should know. It may be the greatest lesson or piece of information that you were ever taught or the best invention or method you have come up with for dealing with an everyday problem or the one thing that has saved you the most money or the most time…you decide what do we all need to know that you can share with us.

To give you an example I will give you the most valuable tip we ever learnt in our horsing life. Our mentor and friend Keith Guster, who had been teaching us for some years said,

“Your horse always wants to please you, so if ever you are having a problem with your horse look for the physical first!”

It’s been over 20 years since Keith imparted that piece of horsey wisdom to us and it has served us well. Nearly every time we have had a horse that has had issues, the answer to the problem has almost always been physical! A saddle not quite fitting right, a stomach ulcer causing pain and discomfort, a heart problem or sore hooves etc.

The ailments and physical problems have been there if we looked hard enough. Sometimes, it took a long time for us to find the actual problem, but it was there all along creating unwanted behaviours and attitudes!

So what is your most valuable lesson, hint or tip you would love to share.

So enter your tip by emailing us to be in the running to win a free 12 month subscription to information bay!

Seeing the Horse within.... PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kirsty Dudley   

Can you see the horse within...

The Horse Addicts Team rescued Angel. This is a photo of her when we first got our halter on her to take her away from a home of neglect to bring her to Horse Addicts for some TLC. Some people should not be allowed to keep animals - Angel's previous owners belong to this group - whether their actions be from ignorance or lack of compassion, poor Angel almost paid with her life. This photo makes me ask whether her previous owners were aware of how dire a state Angel was really in. She has a condition score rating of zero in the image above.
If you are not sure of how your horse would rate download Horse Addicts "Equine Condition and Weight Estimation" article to see more images of Angel on her journey back to a healthy body weight...and to learn how to rate a horses body condition. This article also has useful information on how to estimate your horses weight for calculating medicinal doses such as de-worming treatments.
Angel is a healthy condition score of 4 now...and stunning. Could you see "the Horse Within" in the first image?

gelly_final.jpg - 155.20 Kb





Horse Addicts Hosted SA Advanced Photonic Therapy Workshop PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kirsty Dudley   



  The Horse Addicts team hosted the 2011 South Australian Advanced Photonic Therapy Workshop, a training weekend for people interested in learning how Photonic Therapy can assist them in caring for their horse.  The attendees spent 2 days learning how to assess and assist their horses using the principles and the products of Advanced Photonic Therapy (APT). 

So You're A Horse Addict? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kirsty Dudley   

Here at Horse Addicts we have a self confessed addiction to that most majestic of creatures, the horse.  This site is dedicated to helping fellow Horse Addicts like yourself. 


Check out the free downloads which Horse Addicts offers to all visitors, some are handy resources for taking care of your horse and others are just interesting or fun.   You are welcome to join the discussions on the forum and find out what other Horse Addicts are talking about and sign up for our free newsletter, keeping you up to date with whats new at Horse Addicts.


There are lots of sites that offer a few hints and tips on horsing around with your equine but here, if you subscribe to Horse Addicts for less than an annual subscription to most horse magazines, we have hundreds (soon to be over a thousand) searchable hints and tips in our Information Bay which cover topics such as feeding, breeding, first aid, training, paddock care, horse facts, fitness & sport, hoof care, money savers and alternative therapies